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Just $4.99 (USD) each month gets you access to all 11 Premium Telegram Features!

Just $4.99 (USD) each month gets you access to all 11 Premium Telegram Features!

Telegram’s Premium service was first announced at the beginning of June 2022, and it wasn’t until Sunday, June 19, 2022 that it was made available to users. This launch is timed to coincide with the revelation that the app now has more than 700 million active users all over the globe and is one of the top 5 most downloaded applications all over the world.

According to a post made on the Telegram website, “With Telegram’s fast growth, many users have voiced their wish to continue to support our team.”

What does the Telegram Premium service provide in exchange for a monthly membership price of $4.99 United States dollars? The following is a list of some of the features that come with Telegram Premium at that pricing point. Everything has been included!

1. You may upload files up to 4 GB in size

Any user of Telegram may take advantage of the free cloud storage service offered by Telegram Cloud and upload files and media with a total size of up to 2 gigabytes.

The upload limit is increased to twice as much with Telegram Premium! When a user has Telegram Premium, they have the ability to upload up to 4 gigabytes of data, which is comparable to 4 hours of video at a resolution of 1080p or 18 days of high-quality music.

2. The rate of download has accelerated.

Are you fed up with the typical Telegram download times? Users who have subscribed to Telegram Premium get access to the fastest possible download speeds offered by Telegram. It is no longer an error or take a very long time to download the normal 4 GB file that is available with Telegram Premium.

3. The previous limit has been increased

With the launch of Telegram Premium, the company has pledged to raise the limitations. Telegram Premium users get access to the following features, which are doubled from the free version:

  • Following a thousand different channels
  • Build 20 chat folders, each of which can hold up to 200 talks; added 4 accounts to the Telegram app.
  • Pin 10 chats
  • Save 10 favorite stickers

Premium users of Telegram have the ability to create a lengthier bio and insert a link in addition to it. In addition to this, Telegram Premium enables for a greater number of characters to be used in media captions. Users of Telegram Premium get access to 400 of their own favorite GIFs and the ability to establish 20 public links for user-created channels and groups.

4. voice-to-text technology

Are you sick of having to listen to voicemails and then type each one individually? Telegram Premium users have access to a voice-to-text tool that allows them to transform their spoken words into text. A transcription that is less than satisfactory? Notify Telegram right away by giving it a rating so that they can ensure that this function will continue to be helpful!

5. Unique stickers

Putting your thoughts into words is now simpler with Telegram Premium. This may be accomplished with the help of hundreds of ready-to-use animated stickers that cover the whole screen. In order to prevent its users from becoming bored, Telegram promises that the Telegram Premium sticker collection will continue to have new stickers added to it on a monthly basis by some of the app’s most talented artists.

According to what was said on the Telegram website, “Users may quickly access Premium Stickers from throughout the sticker collection in a unique part of the sticker panel, under ‘Recently Used.'”

6. A response to the message

Users of Telegram Premium, similar to users of other messaging applications, have the ability to respond to messages that impress them. In addition to the standard “React” button, Telegram Premium users now have access to more than ten more emojis to use as a reply.

7. Intelligent conversation management

It is no longer necessary for Telegram Premium conversations to be disorganized. Users who have upgraded to Telegram Premium have access to a new tool that helps them organize their discussion lists. The intelligent conversation management that is available in Telegram Premium enables users to alter the default discussion folder, which causes the program to continue opening the same folder even after the default has been changed.

To alter the folder that is used by default for conversations on Telegram Premium:

  • Tap the folder many times inside the dialogue list.
  • Select the option to Reorder the list.
  • Move the chosen folder all the way up to the top of the folder arrangement.

In addition, users of Telegram Premium have the ability to activate a new function inside the Privacy and Security option, which allows them to archive conversations and silence new ones. The chat list will be able to be better regulated and structured as a result of this.

8. A moving picture for your profile

Have you grown weary of using the same profile picture? Users of Telegram Premium have the ability to utilize dynamic profile photographs that are seen by everyone. This animation is also running whether it is shown in the chat field or the list field.

According to what was said on Telegram, “Let everyone see your new style, or show off your ingenuity with unique animations.”

9. Telegram Premium special badge

How do other users of Telegram know that you are a subscriber to the Telegram Premium service? Those other users won’t know until you tell them. Easy! A unique badge will appear next to the user’s name wherever they appear on the conversation list or group member list if they are a Telegram Premium subscriber.

10. Icons unique to the application

The capacity to customize the icons that appear on the Home Screen is one more one-of-a-kind perk that is exclusive to Telegram Premium. Users of Telegram Premium have the ability to change the program icon with a different symbol. The default icon is a paper aircraft on top of the familiar blue backdrop that is associated with Telegram. The following are some of the icons that are available with Telegram Premium:

A star-covered paper airplane flying across the night sky
Turbo paper aircraft

11. Absence of advertising

Telegram confirms that adverts in the form of Sponsored Messages continue to be displayed in some areas. Even though they’re irritating, Telegram claims that advertising like this are what keep the service running.

Sponsored Messages will no longer be shown to Telegram Premium members since the service is dedicated to being a user-centric application that does not display advertisements.

According to a statement published by Telegram, “The Premium Service helps Telegram not only pay for the increased expenses of premium services, but it also supports the free version of Telegram for everybody.”

These are the numerous premium features that are included with Telegram Premium, which may be obtained for a monthly fee of $4.99 (US). Is it thus worthwhile to sign up for the service?

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