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8 New WhatsApp Features Ready to be Released: More Pampering Users

Meta seems to be constantly adding new features to WhatsApp messaging program. The goal of these new features is to make using WhatsApp easier and more enjoyable for the user.

About eight new features have recently been announced for WhatsApp and will be available soon.

A number of these features have been made public by WhatsApp, while some are currently in beta testing with users, while others have not been made public or are merely rumors.

What are these features? Come on, check out the eight new features that will be available in the next version of WhatsApp.

1. New Features for WhatsApp Status

A feature comparable to Instagram Stories, WhatsApp Status, received numerous updates not too long ago.

Some of these features include the ability to choose the audience for WhatsApp status updates (Private Audience Selector), WhatsApp status updates with voice messages (also known as voice notes), and WhatsApp status updates that can be reacted to using emojis (Status Reactions).

A link preview appears when a user sends a website link to the WhatsApp status, and you may now check another person’s WhatsApp status by clicking on their avatar or profile photo.

Nonetheless, these numerous updates are currently being gradually sent out to global users. If you haven’t received these WhatsApp status updates, you will either need to wait or keep updating the WhatsApp program to the most recent version.

2. Can Send 100 Photos at Once

Users can only send a maximum of 30 photos or videos at once using WhatsApp. A maximum of 100 photos or videos can now be uploaded to WhatsApp, according to reports, double the previous limit.

This eliminates the need for users to pick and upload all of the photos or videos they want to send at once.

According to reports, this feature is currently only available to WhatsApp Beta users and will probably be made available to all users in the near future.

3. Transcript for Voice Notes

Users must first play voice messages, also known as voice notes, in order to “read” them. But, voice messages will eventually be transcribed into text that can be read.

When the user is in a noisy public setting, it is helpful to be able to quickly scan their voice notes to get an idea of what’s within without having to actually play them. Many WhatsApp Beta users on iOS are allegedly still testing the feature that is currently being promoted, which is dubbed Voice Notes Transcription.

4. You Don’t Need to Press Long to Record Videos Using WhatsApp

Have your fingers ever gotten tired of repeatedly tapping the WhatsApp camera button to record videos? This won’t happen again in the future.

The Handsfree Camera feature is apparently being tested by WhatsApp for WhatsApp Beta users.

With the help of this feature, users can record a video without having to hold down the “shutter” button for an extended period of time in the WhatsApp camera view. So they only need to press once.

Rumors have it that users of WhatsApp’s Beta version can already test out this feature, and that it will be available to all users of WhatsApp shortly.

5. WhatsApp Calls can be Scheduled

The WhatsApp Call feature enables voice calls between two or more WhatsApp users.

For the time being, WhatsApp calls must be made on the fly. Later WhatsApp calls, especially group calls, can be scheduled just like Zoom online meetings.

The WhatsApp voice service allows users to schedule and prepare for chat events in advance. According to reports, WhatsApp is currently testing and developing this feature internally, so you may expect to see it on WhatsApp in the near future.

6. Can Save Messages Forever

A feature called Kept Message is reportedly being developed by WhatsApp. Users of this feature can permanently archive any or all of the messages in a group.

Several group members can, however, control the discussion window or the Kept Messages folder. In other words, members of the same group have the ability to remove conversations from the Kept Messages list.

That said, the feature that stores messages in a “safe” place is being tested on a number of WhatsApp Beta users.

7. Can Give a Caption to the Document File

Users of WhatsApp can only send documents without any accompanying information when they send a document.

But, with WhatsApp’s newest feature, Document Caption, users can subsequently add a description of the document they plan to send to a recipient or group.

Sending high-quality photos is typically done through the document sharing feature. In order to prevent other users from downloading the incorrect image, users can now write a caption or description for the photo.

According to reports, “regular” WhatsApp users may eventually visit this feature after testing it with the most recent WhatsApp Beta users.

8. Can Send Images Without Being Compressed

According to reports, WhatsApp is working on a menu that will allow users to send photographs in their full, uncompressed size (compressed).

A “Standard quality” menu will be available alongside this “HD quality” menu. When the user chooses to send an image, this menu will appear.

This is due to the fact that the image will be transmitted at the highest quality or at the same resolution as the original file.


This feature is reportedly being tested by WhatsApp, and users may soon have access to it.

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