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Twitter Is Experimenting With Its New Circle Feature, Which Competes With Close Friends!

Twitter Is Experimenting With Its New Circle Feature, Which Competes With Close Friends!

You probably don’t want everyone you follow on social media to be aware of your opinions and ideas in this day and age. Maybe you are worried that you may offend them, or maybe you believe that they are not as close to you as they should be. You may do this on Instagram by enabling the Close Friends feature, which restricts access to your post to a small group of internet users.

Twitter did not want to lose, despite the fact that they were fairly late. There were rumors going around that a social networking business based in the United States (US) was developing a function very similar to Circle. How does it work? When will it be available for Twitter users to enjoy? Let’s take a look at the specifics of the Twitter feature known as Circle!

1. Tweet without worrying about being criticized.

On Saturday (28/5/2022), it was reported by The Verge that Twitter is now testing the Circle functionality. The Circle function enables users to tweet solely to certain groups of other Internet users (called circles), while keeping such tweets hidden from other Internet users who are not part of those circles.

Twitter users regularly establish second profiles for themselves and restrict the ability of their followers to openly voice their ideas to just those they personally know. Users of Twitter will no longer have to go to the trouble of establishing a secondary account just so they may tweet their ideas now that this functionality is available.

2. The operation of the Circle

Twitter Is Putting Its New Circle Feature to the Test to Compete with Close Friends! Twitter’s “Circle” function in a nutshell (

Users need just follow the procedures as they would when creating a standard tweet. After there, Twitter gives users the choice to submit their tweets to either the whole public (also known as Everyone) or to a particular group (Circle).

Users have the ability to increase or decrease the number of close friends in their Circle, similar to Instagram’s Close Friends function. Then, if a user is a member of a circle, they will see a tweet that has a green warning informing them that the tweet is restricted to members of the circle.

Circle allows its users to include up to 150 other internet users (whether followers or not). These exclusive tweets cannot be retweeted by Circle members, and it is important to remember that Twitter’s rules continue to apply even if the message is only shared with a subset of Internet users.

3. Not yet accessible to the general public

Unfortunately, not all Twitter users throughout the globe will be able to take use of this service. According to The Verge’s findings, very few people have actually been exposed to this functionality. Joseph Nunez, a spokesperson for Twitter, said that the company is continuing to track the development of this feature and that it is not yet available to the general public as a result.

According to Nunez, “We’re continuing testing Circle on a set of iOS, Android, and PC users located all over the world.”

When will the Circle option become available for your tweets? Please be patient and wait for the game date!

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