How to Fix “Live Location” WhatsApp Not Update

Have you ever tried to share your live location on WhatsApp, only to find that it’s not updating? Frustrating, right? Fortunately, there are some simple solutions you can try to fix the issue. In this article, we will explore five ways to overcome “live location” WhatsApp not updating. 6 Ways to Fix “Live Location” WhatsApp … Baca Selengkapnya

How to Make a Chat Folder on Telegram So It’s Neat and Easy to Read

Telegram is an instant messaging application and communication platform launched in 2013 by Pavel Durov, founder of VKontakte, Russia’s largest social network. Telegram allows users to send text messages, images, videos and files to individuals or groups easily and securely. One of the most private and secure instant messaging apps in the world, Telegram is … Baca Selengkapnya

2 Simple Ways to Convert Photo Files to PDF on Smartphones

A photo document, typically in the form of a JPG, BMP, PNG, or similar file, can be transmitted between users fairly quickly and easily across a variety of platforms and devices. However, there are times when you’ll require a PDF document created from a photo file with the file extension, therefore you’ll need to learn … Baca Selengkapnya

OpenAI, the Company Behind ChatGPT and Other Advanced AI Products

Since its initial release on November 30, 2022, the popularity of ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence (AI) program based on language modeling, has increased. Many users were blown away by ChatGPT’s capabilities when it was first made available. The program’s responses may go beyond what the user now anticipates. Users of ChatGPT can converse with one … Baca Selengkapnya

Photographing Singapore and the Moon using the Samsung S23 Ultra, What a Stunning Results

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is Samsung’s highest-end smartphone model, thus it naturally features the company’s most advanced camera technology. As an illustration, the main camera has a resolution of 200 megapixels, and it’s accompanied by a 12 megapixel ultrawide lens with a focal length of f/2.2, a 10 megapixel telephoto lens with a focal length … Baca Selengkapnya

4 Ways to Reopen Your Forgot Password Facebook Account

Although many other social media sites exist, including Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok, Facebook is arguably Mark Zuckerberg’s most well-known creation. The homepage, status updates, and photo uploads remain popular free-time activities for many Facebook users. Moreover, some of you must be experiencing Facebook issues, the most common of which is forgetting one’s Facebook password. If … Baca Selengkapnya