BTS Participated in 7 Different Games

BTS Participated in 7 Different Games

It’s possible that this will be the most exciting time for the army. The reason for this is because it has been officially stated that BTS will be making a return. In point of fact, his return date, which is set for June 10th, 2022, is becoming ever closer.

Let’s kill some time together by giving the games that BTS plays a go while we wait for the “seven regular lads from South Korea” to return with new music. These suggestions are based on games that are enjoyed and used by each and every member of the community.


BTS WORLD was the first game that received official blessing from BTS. You are given the opportunity to assume the role of the manager of a group consisting of seven male idols when you play this game that was developed by Netmarble. The primary objective, which consists of attempting to kickstart the moniker BTS together with seven other members.

You will communicate with the seven members of the artificial intelligence using various means such as brief messages, phone conversations, social media, and so on in order to accomplish this objective. This game also includes a wide range of entertaining extras, such as a collection of Bangtan Boys short tales, films, and images, amongst other things.

As a player in BTS WORLD, it is up to you to accomplish the daily objectives and assignments given to you in order to gain Wings and Gems. These two elements are required in order for you to advance to higher levels and make BTS in BTS WORLD an even greater success.

2. BTS SuperStar

The next game that BTS will be participating in is called BTS SuperStar. This video game was created by Dalcomsoft Inc. in conjunction with Big Hit Entertainment, which is the agency that manages BTS.

The gameplay of BTS SuperStar is somewhat similar to that of the game piano tiles. Your objective is to fulfill the daily assignments given to you by successfully playing through all of the game’s levels. In this game, you must also gather cards in order to get a greater score.

The cool part about it is that you have to accomplish missions based on BTS songs, which is a lot of fun. This indicates that you are able to play the instrument and listen to the bias sound at the same time.

3. Overwatch

Overwatch was selected by Suga, V, and Jungkook as a game that should be played by others. During their downtime, the three members of the group often engage in the activity of playing a multiplayer shooting game.

Defining your own character in Overwatch, joining a team, and battling foes to improve the circumstances of a world ripped apart by conflict are the only requirements for completing a task in this game. There are a wide variety of playable characters from whom you may choose. Obviously, each of these characters have their unique set of skills and advantages.

On his own Twitter account, Jungkook had posted a short clip showing him playing the computer game Overwatch. The Army, as well as those of you who like hard action games, will enjoy playing this game.

4. StarCraft

J-Hope and RM, both members of the hyung-line, have decided that they would rather play StarCraft than League of Legends. This remark was made on one of Army’s favorite variety shows, Run BTS, which aired the episode in question.

StarCraft is an action game, and the primary objective of the game is to complete objectives so that the player may defend himself and beat their opponents. In addition to that, there will be a narrative that will provide the impression that you are progressing through the game and will pique your interest.

This is the ideal situation for those of you who are interested in playing StarCraft since it combines elements of military science fiction with cosmic gaming. Be very cautious if you are hooked, yeah!

5. The game MapleStory


If there is a king for the MapleStory universe, then the title should go to the most attractive hyung in the whole globe, JIN! The member of BTS who is the eldest has a strong fondness for the game MapleStory.

Along with Jin, V revealed that the only reason he left the feast was to engage in combat with the leader of this game. However, it wasn’t the end of it; eventually, MapleStory worked along with BTS as well. Updates have been made to a variety of items, ranging from abilities to accessories, that include aspects of BTS in this special edition of the game.

This massively multiplayer online role-playing game includes both a rescue quest and the development of character abilities. Additionally, in order to get prizes and level up your character, you will need to hunt monsters. You probably already know that you may talk to other players in MapleStory and even engage in trades with them.

6. PlayerUnknown’s Battleground comes in at number six (PUBG)

Kim Taehyung, also known as V, said through his Weverse account that he is now participating in PUBG. This multiplayer battle royale game also soared in popularity due to the fact that the Army finally started playing it, following in V’s footsteps.

In point of fact, video footage has been disseminated showing a member of the Army interacting with the character V in this game. V didn’t think twice before inviting Army to join them in their game.

PUBG may be played alone, with a partner, in a group of two to four, or in a squad. The competition begins with one hundred players, all of whom are required to compete against one another in order to win. The victor of the game is the participant who makes it all the way to the conclusion. Winner winner chicken meal!

7. The King of Lions

Try your hand at the children’s game “Lion King” if you’re looking for something that will help you unwind. During a broadcast that was held in honor of Jin’s birthday, he participated in this game. Even though he’s rather elderly, Jin still seems to enjoy playing the instrument.

The Lion King video game is playable on personal computers. This game may be a bit tough to obtain since it is now an older age and is no longer considered juvenile.

You, Jin, will take on the role of Simba, the lion who is the protagonist of the Lion King series, in order to win this game. You will begin the game as a young Simba, and you will have to defeat adversaries and solve riddles in order to progress through the game.

Bonus! The SEOM as seen from BTS Island

You probably already know this, but in addition to playing, seven members of BTS directly contributed to the development of this game. They take on the role of developers and provide concept ideas to daily objectives as well as the overall direction of the game.

Those of you who are intrigued should know that BTS Island: In The SEOM is a puzzle game very much like Candy Crush Saga. In order to progress to higher levels, you are going to have to finish each game. In addition to that, a captivating tale based on the BTS chibi will be given to you.

Regrettably, the Army will need to practice patience if they want to enjoy even just this one game. According to the information that can be seen on the App Store, the reason for this is that BTS Island: In The Seom will not be launched until the 28th of June. Hold on to the desire to have some fun, all right?

Which of the games that BTS played did you find most interesting? Download as quickly as you can, and there’s a chance you may mess with your prejudice.