Some Interesting Facts About Google That Are Not Commonly Known

Some Interesting Facts About Google That Are Not Commonly Known

Google is not only the most widely used search engine in the world, but it is also one of the most significant technological businesses in the world, alongside other significant technology companies such as Apple and Microsoft. Since the company’s founding in 1997, Google has not only concentrated on the creation of search engines but also on the development of other products, including software like Android and hardware like Pixel.

Google has accumulated a wealth of anecdotes and facts during its path, some of which are extremely intriguing and unusual. This is due to the company’s extensive expertise in the technology business, which cannot be understated. Here are eight surprising facts about Google that not many people know.

1. The original moniker for Google was BackRub

BackRub is not just the name of a certain type of massage, but it was also the original name of Google. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the two founders of Google, put their heads together to come up with a name for their search engine before it became known as Google.

After that, they decided on BackRub as the name of their company since it was the name of a research project that they had worked on in 1996 while they were still students at Stanford University.

2. The term Google was derived from the Googol series of integers.

Google’s name comes from the mathematical word googol, which refers to the number 1 followed by 100 0s. Although it may sound like a made-up name, Google’s name genuinely comes from this term.

When requested to verify the availability of a domain for “googol,” one of Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s coworkers called Sean Anderson typed “google” instead of “googol.” This is how the word “Google” came to be. According to an investigation, the term “Google” originated from a typo or a typing error.

3. In 1997, Google presented Yahoo with an offer to purchase their search engine.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin presented Yahoo with a $1 million offer to purchase their search engine back in 1997, when Google was still a relatively obscure startup. The offer was, needless to say, turned down, but in 2002, when Google was becoming increasingly famous and well-known, Yahoo made a counteroffer to buy it from them for three million dollars US.

When Google realized it was deficient, it made the request for US $5 million, which Yahoo most definitely did not agree to. Now, after around twenty years, Google has a net worth valuation of two trillion dollars in the United States.

4. When Google went “out” in 2013, the number of people using the internet worldwide decreased by forty percent.

Google outages are very infrequent, but when they do occur, the company’s services are severely disrupted. In August of 2013, Google had a five-minute outage that caused the company’s services, including Search, Gmail, and YouTube, to become inaccessible to users.

It is known that there has been a 40 percent decrease in internet usage all around the world in this very short period of time. Because of this considerable drop, it is clear that a large number of people all around the world depend greatly on Google and the many services that it offers.

5. New searches account for 15% of all daily searches conducted on Google.

Many individuals might have the mistaken impression that people from all over the world look for the same item over and over again due to the fact that billions of searches are made each year. In point of fact, around 15 percent of all searches conducted on Google each and every day are searches for brand new information.

This information was first published by Google on their official site in 2017, and considering that the year is already 2022, it is not inconceivable that the number has increased to 20 percent or even more.

6. The closing of the deal for Google to acquire YouTube takes place in a restaurant.

Google paid a total of $1.65 billion to purchase YouTube in 2006 after it had previously operated as a separate, independent corporation. In spite of the fact that this may appear to be a run-of-the-mill deal, there is an interesting backstory to Google’s purchase of YouTube.

According to Steven Chen, one of the co-founders of YouTube, the negotiating process for the acquisition of YouTube took place in an odd location. Specifically, the negotiations took place in a restaurant named Denny’s. Shortly after the meal he ordered, specifically mozzarella steak, came, negotiations ensued, and eventually resulted in an agreement being reached.

7. The use of “google” as a verb was formally acknowledged for the first time in 2006.

Since its inception in 1997, Google has steadily increased its market share inside the realm of the internet, and its primary product, Search, has emerged as a very useful tool for many people all over the world in their day-to-day activities.

Because of the word’s enormous influence, the Oxford English Dictionary and the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary eventually included “Google” in their respective dictionaries in June 2006 and July 2006, respectively. Not only that, but the term “Googling” is now often used as a phrase for activities that include searching for information online and is formally recognized as a verb.

8. The first Burning Man to be styled after a Google Doodle

A Google Doodle is typically used to commemorate important holidays as well as special events and occasions. However, and here is where things get fascinating, the very first Google Doodle wasn’t made in honor of a holiday or significant occasion. In the event that something went wrong at Google’s offices while Larry Page and Sergey Brin were attending the Burning Man festival in Nevada, the inaugural Google Doodle included a design based on the festival. The Doodle was meant to provide information to the public. Since that time, the Google Doodle has been utilized to honor important personalities from throughout the world as well as significant days.

That was a run-through of some fascinating information regarding Google that not too many people are aware of. Which one of the facts that were presented to you earlier do you now know?