The Seven Greatest Handheld Game Consoles in the History of the Industry

The Seven Greatest Handheld Game Consoles in the History of the Industry

Video games are the ideal form of entertainment for unwinding and relaxing, but they used to suffer from a significant drawback in that they could only be played on a television or computer display. This made it impossible to enjoy video games when traveling.

As a solution to these issues, the portable console was developed. It has a small form factor and an integrated screen, which makes it extremely simple to use regardless of location or time of day.

In the same way as home consoles have evolved and given rise to a plethora of new devices over the past several decades, portable consoles have done the same. Here is a selection of the very finest that was compiled just for you!

1. Steam Decks

The portable gaming console industry is about to undergo a fundamental shift thanks to the introduction of the Steam Deck. This console by Valve bridges the gap between traditional consoles and personal computers by providing users with an intuitive method for playing PC games on form-factor portable devices.

The fact that users can play games like Cyberpunk 2077 or Elden Ring portable is astounding and something that handheld systems have not been able to do in the past.

In addition, the price of Steam Deck is competitive when considering its capabilities and features, making it an attractive purchase. The fact that it is still so hard to get your hands on one is undoubtedly the biggest drawback of this gaming system.

2. Portable PlayStation (PSP)

Sony’s initial foray into the market for portable gaming consoles was the PlayStation Portable, more popularly referred to as the PSP. Sony’s portable platform, the PSP, places more of an emphasis on competent specs as opposed to Nintendo’s handheld console, which places more of an emphasis on appealing designs and reasonable costs.

In spite of the fact that the PSP is less popular in the American market, it is, thankfully, a commercial success in its country of origin, Japan, and is moving a significant amount of units. Because of this, it should not come as a surprise that the PlayStation Portable (PSP) has continued to get a big supply of high-quality games ever since it was initially introduced, some of which are still enjoyable to play in this day and age.

3. Nintendo 3DS

Despite the fact that it is one of Nintendo’s greatest portable systems, the Nintendo 3DS, which was re-released in 2014, still has a number of issues that need to be resolved before it can be considered perfect. Some of them are analog-like, but they have dish designs that aren’t quite as excellent as traditional analog dish designs, and their displays aren’t nearly as good.

Despite this, the 3DS offers something that a lot of other portable gaming systems don’t have, and that is an incredible selection of titles. There are literally hundreds of high-quality games available for the Nintendo 3DS, the vast majority of which are, up to this point, still exclusive, meaning they can only be played on the 3DS.

4. Sony PlayStation Vita (PS Vita)

When it was released in 2011 with an OLED screen, the PlayStation Vita, also known as the PS Vita, drew a large number of players. These gamers were particularly interested in Sony’s next move in the market for portable game consoles.

There is no denying that the PlayStation Vita is one of the handheld consoles that has the most premium appearance to date. In addition, it has received the support of a large number of games that are considered to be near-perfect up until the day that it was finally and officially “retired” in 2019.

One of the reasons why this system is fascinating is because it can be used to play PSP games, but at a higher resolution, which results in a more crisp presentation of the game’s visual quality. This is one of the reasons why this console is intriguing.

5. The Nintendo Switch (Switch)

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most anticipated portable gaming systems, and its release comes at a time when many gamers are looking forward to purchasing a new handheld gaming system. The Switch is a highly intriguing console since it can be played via to give a traditional console experience in addition to its usage as a handheld or portable device. This ability makes the Switch incredibly versatile.

Every one of Nintendo’s most popular game series is now available for play on the Switch in a format that is undeniably superior in terms of both its graphics and its gameplay. The Nintendo Switch has a wide variety of high-quality titles, including Mario, Zelda, and Metroid, amongst others.

6. Evercade

Those who like playing classic video games will find the Evercade mobile console to be a very fascinating option. This console makes use of cartridges, although each cartridge may store a number of different games.

In spite of the fact that an emulator is used to play the ROMs of the games that are stored on the cartridge, everything is designed to function in the same way as the original console.

Players are not limited to playing games from a single generation of video game consoles on Evercade; rather, they have access to a wide variety of retro games spanning a range of time periods. Evercade comes at a reasonable price, however the quality is not at all comparable to the pricing point.

7. Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP

The Nintendo Game Boy is a great handheld device in and of itself, but the Game Boy Advance SP, with its innovative clamshell design, is easily among the very greatest handheld consoles that have been produced to this day.

The Game Boy Advance SP, with its backlit screen, makes it a more enjoyable experience to play GBA games, which are, in and of themselves, rather remarkable. The Game Boy Advance SP is the ideal portable system since it performs very well in all aspects, making it suitable for playing a wide variety of games, including Metroidvania titles as well as vintage Game Boy games (because these devices are also backward compatible).

These are the evaluations and suggestions we have for some of the very greatest portable gaming systems that have ever been produced. Which, if any, of the seven portable video game systems described above is your favorite to play in your leisure time?