There are 6 Interesting New WhatsApp Features that You Can Try—What Here’s They Are!

There are 6 Interesting New WhatsApp Features that You Can Try—What Here’s They Are!

WhatsApp maintains its position as the leading player in the Indonesian chat application industry by continually offering the best quality of service. This allows WhatsApp to retain its dominating position in the market. The second quarter of the year 2022 is drawing to a close, and WhatsApp has just released a fresh new feature just as we’re getting close to the end of the period. You will be able to make use of this after the update has been installed.

You are now able to make phone calls, send messages, and utilize a variety of other facilities that make it easier for you to connect with other people, whether it be one-on-one or in groups. This new feature of WhatsApp is available to you right now. In any event, what distinguishing features do they have?

The most recent features added to WhatsApp 2022

Users of WhatsApp are able to simplify their daily lives because to the wonderful features that are included in the software. The number of people who use WhatsApp to send and receive messages has officially topped 2 billion, as shown by a poll conducted by Statista. The existence of this fact lends validity to the claim that the application representing a phone is an instant messaging service that has more users than any other service everywhere in the world.

After seeing the potential of the software, WhatsApp eventually introduced a feature that makes large capacity management easier. Additionally, WhatsApp is able to allow remote work and cooperation, which is often done via social media. This is a feature that is available in WhatsApp. WhatsApp provides users with access to this capability. You don’t need any of the new features that WhatsApp is rolling out since the software already enables you to make calls, talk with other people, and take part in professional conferences.

1. Integrating a feature called “Community” into the website.

Because the firm behind WhatsApp recognized that the program is useful for facilitating conversation among several users at once, they added a new function to the app known as community. At first glance, this characteristic seems to be associated with a larger group; nevertheless, there is really something else happening on in this area. One of them is a part of a more intimate group that exists inside the bigger community. You might, for instance, form groups of friends into committees and then engage with those committees in distinct rooms inside the same community.

Because this feature of the community is accessible, administrators have the opportunity to send messages to all members of the community as well as members of certain groups within the community. Administrators have the power to remove messages from inside chats, which gives them more control over the content of discussions that are taking place. In addition, every participant in the community has the ability to make video calls to one of the other 82 people. According to Prestige, this feature was shown for the very first time in April 2022, and its release is expected to take place in the same calendar year. Be patient, definitely!

2. Voicemail upgrade

Voicemail is an alternative communications tool that was first released in the year 2013 and attempts to increase the clarity of chats while also decreasing the possibility that misunderstandings will arise. It was first introduced in the year 2013. Simply pressing a button will allow you to send a voice message to the individual who will be receiving the message in an easy and convenient manner.

Now, WhatsApp is continuously working to improve the functionality of this feature. The voicemail feature, which was first released in March 2022, is now undergoing ongoing development, which will result in the addition of the following features:

  • Voicemails should be played in a window of their own, apart from the chat. You won’t have to resume the voice note even if you have to answer to other messages in the midst of listening to your pals recount long stories while at the same time listening to them tell stories.
  • After a short break, the recording will pick back up where it left off. Users of WhatsApp have the option to halt the recording of their voice messages at any moment, providing them with the opportunity to reflect before proceeding with the message recording. You may easily pause the game at any time and return to it whenever it suits your schedule.
  • A image in your head of the sound that is being produced by it. In the past, it was only shown in the form of drab lines, but now, in the preview for the voicemail, WhatsApp gives sound visualizations in the form of waves that follow the tone of the sender’s voice. In the past, this was only exhibited. Because of the frequency of speech problems, WhatsApp has developed a new feature that makes it easier for users to check and listen back to the whole of their voice messages before sending them. This is being done in response to the fact that voice faults are so common.
  • You have the option to preserve a draft of an unfinished voicemail. Because you’ve started recording sound, are we going to have to ask you to leave the chat room immediately? Because it will be saved as a draft as soon as it is completed, you do not need to be worried about the possibility of losing your recording. You have the option of continuing the previous recording from where you left off or starting a new one after a short interval.
  • Repeating something at a brisk pace Have you recently gotten a voicemail that is sixty minutes or more in length? The newly added functionality in WhatsApp enables you to play the game between one and one and a half and two times as rapidly, making it a more productive use of your time.

3. The supplementary features that WhatsApp has introduced for audio calls

Not only does WhatsApp now let users to send and receive audio messages, but the app now has an enhanced version of its phone calling capabilities. This feature satisfies the criteria for calls not only between individuals but also between different organizations. Anything?

  • Mute group call participants. When holding a discussion with a big number of individuals, there are times when the surrounding noise level is excessive and the main speaker cannot be heard because they are drowned out.
  • Users of WhatsApp now have the ability to mute other users while participating in group conversations thanks to a newly added capability.
  • Messages may be sent and received during group calls that are being held. In a manner very similar to the teleconferencing service Zoom, you and the other participants on the call, along with other participants, may message each other while the session is in progress.
  • Increase the capacity for making calls to several people at once. The previous limit for the number of people who may take part in a WhatsApp group call was eight; however, this limit has now been raised to 32.

4. A venue for public discourse

Additionally, a new feature that will make texting more engaging has been added to WhatsApp, and this function has already been implemented. Inside of the chat room, you will find a number of services that were not accessible to you in the past. Some examples of these services include the following:

It would be helpful if you could respond using chat bubbles. In addition to being able to make comments on messages and chat bubbles, you now now have the ability to respond to chat bubbles using emojis, either in groups or on an individual basis. The trick is to press and hold the discussion bubble for a considerable amount of time, and then choose an emoji from the menu that displays above the chat bubble after releasing the conversation bubble.
It has been decided to shorten the length of the newly inserted message. The message would only be seen for a period of one week at a time in the past. It is now possible to display messages for anywhere between 24 hours and 90 days, even if they are scheduled to be deleted after a certain length of time.

5. During the video call, switch the background to something else.

Do you want to conceal the background while you are speaking with the other person through video call? You do not need to go through the hassle of looking for a location that is clean and quiet any more. Just by adjusting the background that you are looking at during a video chat, you will be able to conceal the rear. How to go about it:

  • Keep using the WhatsApp software as you usually would as if nothing has changed.
  • You have the option of calling the person you want to contact via the medium of a video call to that person.
  • When a video is played on a device that is compatible with it, a symbol that looks like a moving star pattern will appear on the screen. The menu of available video call effects may be accessed by choosing this option alone.
  • Select the “Background” choice from the menu.
  • You should make any required changes to the background. You have the option of submitting an image or keeping it as a single color; however, if you choose to keep it in that format, you may do so.

Regrettably, the new WhatsApp feature that you want to use isn’t supported by all cell platforms. It is only available on a handful of hand-picked models. One of these devices is the Samsung Galaxy, which, in addition to being compatible with One UI 3.1, is also compatible with a variety of other iOS devices. The WhatsApp corporation has not provided any information about when new users would receive access to this functionality on a more wider basis.

6. Transfer the dialogue across other platforms and operating systems

Because of this upgrade, any issues you may have had in the past while attempting to transfer the history of your conversations from one kind of phone to another will no longer be an issue for you. This is due to the fact that the recently introduced technology in WhatsApp enables conversation transfers across devices running a variety of operating systems. Include the thread of the discussion, along with any relevant photos or videos, in the files section of the chat.

If customers were unable to migrate from iOS to Android in the past, they now have the choice to make that transition in the other manner. You just need to download the Move to iOS software, which can be obtained totally free of charge and used to your complete contentment. It is imperative that you verify that your mobile device is running Android version 5 or higher and iOS version 15.5 or above.

Connecting the two devices is the first step in sharing data between them; after they are connected, run WhatsApp and provide it permission to access both of your devices. After that point, the file transfer will be handled in an automated manner all the way through.

I’m curious about your opinions on this brand-new feature that WhatsApp just released; what do you think about it? That has to be intriguing, right? Check the compatibility settings on your phone to see whether the new WhatsApp feature will be supported by it.