These seven applications on Android Go are some of the best available.

These seven applications on Android Go are some of the best available.

The Android operating system hosts a significant number of Google’s in-house software applications. However, the download size of many of them is extremely enormous and cumbersome, which is particularly problematic when operating on an older mobile device.

Fortunately, Google provides a ‘Go’ version of Android to a limited number of users in order to guarantee that all Android users are able to execute their applications without any issues. The ‘Go’ version was developed to have a seamless and trouble-free operation even on mobile devices that have very few features and specs, and it does this via careful design. Here are a few examples of them:

1. Gmail Go

You probably have figured that Gmail Go is a “leaner” version of the regular Gmail app because of its name. Gmail Go has almost all of the standard features that are available in Gmail, including support for multiple email accounts, the ability to create launcher shortcuts, navigation using swipe gestures, alerts for new messages, and more.

Gmail Go is not currently available for direct download through the Google Play Store in the Indonesian area. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. You may, however, directly download the APK from a reliable website such as APKMirror or APKPure in order to install it manually if you are interested in doing so or just curious about the process.

2. The Google Maps Go app

A more lightweight version of Google Maps is available, called Google Maps Go. This program, much like Gmail Go, incorporates the majority of the functions that are available in the main application. These features include real-time traffic information updates, directions, information about public transit, and details about nearby businesses.

This program is a Progressive Web App (WPA), and in order for it to function, you will need to use Google Chrome. Although it is incredibly useful, particularly for older mobile phones with characteristics known as “potatoes,” Maps Go still has certain flaws. One of these flaws is that there is no offline option to see maps in situations when there is no internet connection.

3. Google’s Virtual Assistant on the Go

Users will still be able to make voice-activated inquiries or do voice-based searches using Google Assistant Go, which is an alternative to Google Assistant. Those individuals who own a mobile device with less capabilities will find that this program is ideal for their needs. Bear in mind, though, that Assistant Go is not flawless and does have a number of restrictions to its functionality.

In addition to the fact that it only supports the English language at the moment (though other languages will be added in the not too distant future), Assistant Go cannot be used to control smart home devices, carry out a variety of Assistant Action commands, or use the keyboard as an alternative to voice commands. This limitation applies even though other languages will be added in the not too distant future.

4. Gallery Go

Simply told, Gallery Go is identical to Google Photos, with the exception that it is far more lightweight and does not have a cloud backup option. Despite this, the program nevertheless includes a wide variety of functions that are often seen in gallery apps.

Gallery Go enables users to automatically enhance the quality of their images as well as organize and manage different photo collections. In addition, Gallery Go provides superior performance than Photos (particularly for low-end HP), and it can be used totally offline, while Photos is limited in its ability to utilize this feature to its full potential.

5. The original YouTube

YouTube Go was one of the first applications available in the Google Play Store when it was released in the year 2016. This data-saving version of YouTube was developed in order to reduce the amount of bandwidth that users use in order to view videos.

This program has a video preview function that allows users to see a portion of the content of a video before fully loading it. Then, there is support for downloading videos and viewing them while you are not connected to the internet. Even better, YouTube Go features a unique feature that the regular app does not have, which is support for sharing movies with one’s closest friends over Bluetooth. This is a significant improvement over the previous version of YouTube.

6. Files Go (Files by Google)

Google’s initial effort at developing a file management program was called Files Go, but it has now been rebranded as Files by Google. Files Go was Google’s first attempt at developing a file management application. This app, in contrast to the others, does not have a primary app that is either larger or has a greater number of features.

Files by Google comes with a number of unique features, in addition to its capability of allowing users to access files stored on both internal and external storage locations. There is support for cleaning app caches, uninstalling programs that are not being used, eliminating duplicate data, and sharing files with other devices via a wireless network. These are just some of the features that are included.

7. Google Go

The software was once known as Google Search Lite when it was released at the beginning of 2017, but it was rebranded as Google Go a few years later. Google Go incorporates a number of the capabilities that are found in the Google Search program, including the ability to do a search on Google using text, photos, or voice, amongst other features.

This software is very identical to the primary app, but it has enhanced controls over the user interface. Users of Google Go, for instance, have the ability to quickly activate or block access to a wide variety of subjects, including sports scores, movie schedules, news, and more.

Those are the reviews of, in addition to some suggestions for, some of the most useful programs that are compatible with Android Go. Are you interested in replacing the primary application with one of the lightweight apps listed above?