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Mubi is a streaming service that is considered by many to be heaven for sinefil fans. Here are 5 interesting facts about Mubi.

Mubi is a streaming service that is considered by many to be heaven for sinefil fans. Here are 5 interesting facts about Mubi.

There is one platform that captures the interest of movie fans, and Mubi is one of them. This platform is one of the numerous streaming services that constantly cropping up with new and inventive original material. Mubi offers a forum in which filmgoers and cinema activists may debate or express their ideas on a film via the medium of an article. Not only that, but there are also five more amazing facts about Mubi that you should not overlook.

1. Today’s featured film

Mubi was established by Efe Cakarel, and one could say that it is a paradise for movie fans. This is especially true for fans of the classic, arthouse, cult, and documentary film genres from a variety of countries, as it can be challenging to obtain copies of these films in physical form or on other streaming services.

The Film of the Day feature is Mubi’s primary offering. Mubi will add new movies to the movie collection of the streaming service that was established in February 2007, and those movies will be accessible via this area. In addition, Mubi offered a comprehensive synopsis of the movie, which included both a trailer and a list of the actors, directors, and producers involved in the production of the movie.

The films that are being uploaded are also quite different from one another. Beginning with shorter films, then on to commercial films, then moving on to documentaries, and finally arriving at films that are only screened at festivals. Some of these are even restorations of movies that were originally released many years in the past.

2. A restricted number of showtimes

In contrast to other streaming services, which either produce their own original content or purchase the broadcasting rights to a film from a studio in order to ensure that the film can be shown for an extended period of time, Mubi actually streams several films on their platform within a relatively short period of time of thirty days.

This should not come as any kind of surprise since, in the past, the maximum amount of time a movie could be seen on Mubi was only 30 days. After that, the curators will choose their films, and then either display them at film festivals or make them available for streaming on commercial platforms.

3. A dreamland for those who like older films and art house cinema

It would not be too much of an exaggeration to refer to Mubi as a heaven for movie fans. Why is that? This streaming service has an extensive library that includes works from arthouse and cult cinema as well as documentaries from a variety of nations.

The library of old movies is just as exciting as it was before. You may view almost anything on this site, from movies made without sound to painstakingly restored classics that took years to complete. There are also movies that are exclusive to certain film festivals that may be found on this website.

4. The Notebook of the Mubi

Mubi is not only abundant in programs of high quality, but it also offers a unique part called Mubi Notebook, which is comprised of articles, essays, and watch list recommendations.

There, anybody may take part by either sharing their thoughts on a movie or engaging in conversation with other moviegoers or members of the production staff in a specialized online forum.

5. Available on numerous devices

Mubi may be accessed in a very simple manner, which brings us to our last point. The program may be downloaded onto mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, as well as desktop computers, portable PCs, and even smart TVs. You may use internet browsers like Safari and Chrome to access the Mubi app if you don’t have time to install it on your device.

The number of languages that are now supported by Mubi subtitles is still rather restricted. You have the option of selecting English subtitles for films that are in a different language. Count the activities that are going to help you improve your English, here!

What about you, would you be curious in learning more about beginning a subscription to Mubi?

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